Fashion Show

2013 Fashion Show Designers

*Produced by Mollyann Russell

CaseyCrespoR&S 2Casey Crespo

Casey has been designing and making clothing from a very young age. She holds a high appreciation for a variety of art, music, clothing, jewelry, and design. Creative expression in these areas have always been a driving force in her life, but clothing in particular has given her the strongest pull. After a Fashion Degree and years of sewing in the entertainment industry (including Tim Burton’s “Alice in Wonderland,” “One Tree Hill,” and “Iron Man 3”), she has decided to pursue her own clothing line, which has been her greatest gratification to date.

She strives for her clothes to be extremely comfortable, flattering, and versatile, but modern and timeless at the same time so they can be enjoyed for years to come. She likes garments that have style longevity. She also likes a certain amount of simplicity, allowing the wearer to take their style in whatever direction they choose by their choice of accessories, shoes, etc. The fabrics she uses are such a big part of her designs. She uses micro modal (made from the pulp of the beechwood tree) because of its silky, luxurious drape. Each and every piece is hand made in Wilmington, NC.

Her designs are currently available for sale at and in the store Edge Of Urge in downtown Wilmington, NC. Casey Crespo is also showing jewelry made by Sarah Tector of S. Tector Metals

Image 5S. Tector Metals

Sarah’s creative life started when she was first able to hold a crayon. Armed with the words “do something that makes you happy” she ventured off to college. Two weeks into her first Metal Design class, she was hooked. A few years later, she had a BFA in Art Education with a Concentration in Metal Design.  After trying her hand at different art related jobs in different cities (gallery owner, jewelry design for a manufacturing company, and studio assistant), she now splits her time between her home studio, teaching, and working at a lovely shop helping others create. Her design philosophy is simple: less is more. She prefers to let one element in a piece stand out creating mainly in sterling silver and  other mixed media. Most recently with her work she has been exploring color and texture; introducing rubber dipping, enamels,  powder coating, and vinyl. She specializes in custom made, one-of-a-kind, limited edition, and production pieces of jewelry and small  sculptural objects for boutiques, galleries, and her online shop at As long as her work keeps making her smile and makes other people happy, she will create.

MBLogoMarguerite Blakeney

 As stated by the abstract expressionist painter, Mark Rothko, “The need for creation is, for many, an essential biological function; one that can be as elemental to existence as Maslow’s impression of the most basic physiological human needs.”
The Artists at design house Marguerite Blakeney find this to be the greatest truth.  Their hope for the Marguerite Blakeney client is equivalent to their own perpetual pursuit for such self-actualization: that she finds beauty in herself, beauty in the world around her, and that she loves living every moment of life, both blissful and bitter, in what she wears.”


OmBeautiful is many things.  In it’s most simple form, it is the name of a brand of uniquely designed yoga apparel. But it is also a decision, a choice, a philosophy even: To be the beauty we find in life every day, that is what OmBeautiful truly is.

425816_227620007335039_615631780_nDani Oliva

This Spring, Dani takes you on a tour of the latest black and white fashion craze. This small collection offers comfortable fabrics without comprising style and edge for your next resort destination. You can check her out at


29349_GR6433_mKat Cashmere

brings you affordable cashmere in fun colors and unique design: shrugs for any event, timeless sweater dresses, modern infinity scarves and v-neck sweaters with extra long sleeves you always wanted. To shop visit



OUR LAST FASHION SHOW – Sponsored by Spoonflower & styled by The Garden Salon

Produced by Jamie Powell & Mor Aframian

This Year’s Designers:

Matthew Mahler

Tierra IdeasMatthew Mahler is founder of Tierra Ideas, the exclusive manufacturer of travel bags made from recycled airplane textiles donated by Delta Air Lines. Tierra Ideas recently launched Taking Recycle Higher, a nationwide Kickstarter campaign that runs through December 26th with the goal of turning 1000’s of recycled aircraft seat covers into bags. Tierra Ideas has donated 10% of proceeds to The Nature Conservancy, an international conservation organization and their bags have been featured in USA Today, Sky Magazine, and Diane Sawyer’s Made in America. Their bags are available for purchase locally at designbox, NOFO, A Southern Season, and Morgan Imports.Oami Powers

Judah Ross

(Read Our Profile of Oami Here)Contemporary women’s clothing made with an emphasis on excellent construction, beautiful textiles and interesting details. These limited edition pieces are sewn in Raleigh, NC.

Wendy Allen

Miss Fitt

Wendy Allen is the designer behind the name Miss Fitt & Co., maker of hand felted wool hats, scarves and other accesories. Miss Fitt was born in San Francisco when local hat shop owner spotted a hat Wendy had made and asked her to design a line for the store. Since moving back to the east coast she has been expanding her line and exploring new felting techniques. A blend of retro and contemporary stying combined with the organic quality of hand felting gives her work the ability to blend with any wardrobe. Miss Fitt hats are friend makers. They make you smile.Katelyn & Eleanor

Faded SummerBoth graduates of NC State’s College of Art and Design and College of Textiles , Eleanor and Katelyn share a passion for textiles, design, and a little bit of sparkle. The pair first connected while studying fashion and costume design in Prague and then both went on to design collections for NC State’s Art to Wear show. Despite these similarities, the pair follow different paths in their design work with Katelyn focusing on jewelry and textile design and Eleanor on fashion and surface design. Their recent collaboration brought together their distinct design philosophies, resulting in a fresh aesthetic and ultimately a new brand.

For their most recent collection Faded Summer, Katelyn and Eleanor designed and knit the fabrics for the collection with colors and motifs inspired by thoughts of nostalgic summers and the patterns found in repetitive natural occurrences. In addition applying these fabrics into their clothing design, the collection also features embellishment, jewelry, and headpieces designed by the duo.

Amber Brown

Raimbow TreeRaimbow Tree draws inspiration from the whimsy of the forest and all the colors of the rainbow to create one of a kind wearable art. Each hat, headband, and garment are made without patterns or templates and with the intention to celebrate the feeling of living in the moment and releasing your inner mystical creature!