2013, April

The Al Strong Trio
Al Strong Trio

Al Strong is a Washington, D.C. native trumpeter, arranger, and composer. Since he first emerged on the scene in 1998 as a jazz studies major at NCCU, Strong has been an up and coming artist in jazz. He is an integral figure in the current local jazz scene having performed/recorded for local artists such as Mavis Swan Poole, Yahzarah, Peter Lamb and the Wolves (Voted 2011 Best Jazz Band in the Triangle), Clay Aiken, Big Daddy Kane, Orquesta Gardel, The Beast, and Zakiyah.

Strong is an alumnus and current adjunct professor at the widely acclaimed North Carolina Central University (NCCU) Jazz Studies program. He considers his academic experience at NCCU under the direction of Dr. Ira Wiggins to be one of the most positive forces on his career today. Strong also has attained a Masters in Jazz Performance from Northern Illinois.

Strong has spent time on local jazz scenes in Chicago, D.C., and abroad; however, he still considers Durham to be one of the most culturally vibrant cities in the country, and as so made it his home. Strong’s vision is to stay true to whatever style or genre of music he is asked to present, while still honoring the integrity, and spirit of the elders/ancestors who sacrificed so much to see that good music would always have an audience.



Durham Ukulele Orchestra

Durham Ukulele Orchestra 3

The Durham Ukulele Orchestra is a genre busting ensemble whose love for music is rivaled only by the love they have for their favorite little instrument. Skillfully blending selections from the great American songbook, the best of classic rock, and a bit of the indie-alternative scene, the Durham Ukulele Orchestra has fashioned a sound that is both unique and foot-stompingly entertaining. So if the only thing a ukulele reminds you of is tiptoeing through the tulips, come let the Durham Ukulele Orchestra give you a new point of reference.

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