Bands Performing at the April 5th 2014 Rock & Shop Market at the Durham Armory:

Saints Apollo

Saints Apollo at the Rock & Shop Market, Durham, NC

Sprouted from Raleigh, NC Saints Apollo has roots from all corners of the country. Saints Apollo started out as a simple duo act in early 2011. Later that year keys, cello, and finally drums were spiraled into the mix. These tunes now hold a solid base of punchy piano licks, severely catchy melodies with harmonies to boot, folksy string duets, and hot hot beats!

Naked Gods

Naked Gods at Rock & Shop Market, Durham, NC

Naked Gods are a “hapless burly-pop prog-punk” quintet based out of the mountains of western North Carolina. A band for roughly four years now, and with various members having grown up writing and performing together, Naked Gods’ music derives itself from an eclectic slop of influences and styles. Most importantly, the songs take on their inspiration from both an intense awareness and exploration of community and place, friendship, and a shared desire to artistically experiment and redefine their own musical boundaries. The band lives, writes, practices, records, breeds felines, and indulges in wild fermentation experiments on unsuspecting vegetables at their home in Boone, NC.

The Lollipops

The Lollipops, Raleigh, NC at Rock & Shop Market, Durham, NC

“Iggy Cosky began recording songs at 14 and hasn’t slowed down since. “Songs are just pouring out of my head,” explains the young Raleigh resident, who says he tries to write a song each day. “At the end of the week, I’ll take one and really try to bring it to life.” Though he released an EP in January under his own name and quit the two bands in which he toured as a guitarist, Cosky’s music career took on new life after an attempt to take his own. “My depression and mania pushed me over the edge,” he says. After a four-week stay in April at a mental hospital, Cosky left with about 30 songs and a new name for his solo material.

Emphasizing short, infectious pop ditties, Lollipops—”sugary and sweet,” he boasts—fit Cosky’s new direction, influenced by far-flung idols from Fela Kuti to Billie Holiday.

Having met DiggUp Tapes’ Nathan Price prior to his hospitalization, Cosky sent Price some tracks he’d recorded for Lollipops’ Pop Narcotics EP. Cosky played all the instruments on the May release, so Price helped him assemble a live band. Cosky says he is already several tunes into his next release, Your Royal Masochist & The Love Crusades.” —Spencer Griffith of The Indy Weekly


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